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Onboarding Guide

Welcome to the Gray Foundation Data Coordination Center Onboarding Guide. This guide provides an overview of the onboarding process for teams and outlines your responsibilities as you navigate through your project.

New Teams Webinar 💻

All project members, including PIs, researchers, staff, and project managers, are strongly encouraged to participate in the "New Teams Webinar hosted by Sage Bionetworks/DCC."

The primary objectives of this 1-hour webinar are as follows:

  • Offer a face-to-face introduction to the DCC staff, which includes representatives from Sage Bionetworks and MSKCC.
  • Discuss and go over the "Onboarding Checklist."
  • Familiarize teams with open-science data storage and analysis tools, such as Synapse and cBioportal.
  • Explore potential data sharing goals and brainstorm opportunities for data reusability and analysis.
  • Inform teams about opportunities to join working groups, such as the analysis working group, and foster collaboration with other Gray Foundation researchers.

Typically teams are composed of prinicpal investigators, data leads/researchers, clinical data coordinators, and project managers.

Here are the suggested responsibilites:

ResponsibilitiesPrincipal InvestigatorsData Leads/ContributorsClinical Data CoordinatorsProject Managers
Create Synapse accounts
Join Gray Foundation Slack
Confirm access permissions on the platform
Review documentation
Receive additional clinical data training
Attend Working Group Meetings
Attend Gray Foundation Quarterly Updates
Attend monthly meetings with DCC
Designate data lead contacts
Outline experimental workflow for DCC
Upload Patient Clinical Data to Synapse
Complete data sharing plan
Review and approve team members on Synapse
Finalize governance and data policies
Determine touchbase schedule and medium
Participate in interactive Synapse training
Upload Experimental Data to Synapse
Annotate experimental data using data curator app
Notify DCC of publications
Confirm data release

Supplemental Onboarding:

New personnel designated as data leads after a project has commenced can access onboarding. Please get in touch with the Data Coordinating Center (DCC) as soon as new project-relevant personnel are identified. The DCC will provide onboarding procedures and steps based on the information provided above.