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Applying Metadata to Data

After uploading data, contributors can find those files on our Data Curator App, which is used to help annotate the data. Select Gray Foundation, your project name, and the folder of files you want to annotate. Then select a metadata template. Click download template and go through the steps of populating the template. Export the template as a .csv and reupload it to the data curator app and validate. After it passes validation, you may submit it and your annotations will now appear on Synapse with your data.

Watch this quick video to become familiar on metadata

We offer a variety of metadata templates tailored to different data types and assays.

Here's are examples of the google sheets that are generated for common assays:

These templates ensure that your data is well-documented and organized, making it easier for you to manage and share your research.

🛠️ Troubleshooting Tips

Can't Find Your Project or Folder?

This issue often arises from permission settings. Reach out to us for assistance in getting your account properly set up.

Missing a Suitable Template for Your Data?

Typically, an appropriate template should be available. If not, let us know so we can provide a suitable template for you.

Experiencing App Freezes or Crashes?

Please inform the DCC about this issue. We will coordinate with our technical team to resolve it as soon as possible.

Encountering Validation Errors?

First, review the validation error messages carefully. If anything is unclear or you believe there's a mistake, please get in touch with the DCC for further assistance.