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Data Analysis

Processed data are made available on some of the most well-known applications. This brings data to a bigger stage for collaboration, analysis, and more impactful data sharing. The data can be distributed on multiple apps specialized for the data type, and the Gray Foundation Portal will be the entrypoint for all of these.

MSKCC can also work on development or customizations of apps/tools for a particular data type if needed. However, not all data may be available for analysis -- whether data is "elevated" to an analysis appp depends prioritization and suitability.

Below, we provide more details on analysis apps and which data types are targeted for them.

Data TypeAnalysis App
Copy Number Variation (CNV)cbioportal
Summarized Gene Expression (RNA-seq)cbioportal
Single Cell RNA Sequencing DataCellXGene
CyCIF Imaging DataMinerva Viewer

External Viewers

  • cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics was originally developed at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) for sharing genomic data. We provide a custom instance for the Gray Foundation. Sage and MSK teams will assist in the transfer of data to cBioportal. Refer to the workflow here.

  • CELLxGENE ("cell-by-gene") is an interactive data explorer specifically designed for analyzing single-cell datasets. (TO DO: Link to workflow.)