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· 2 min read
Christina Conrad

In the ever-evolving landscape of scientific research and data-driven advancements, the Gray Foundation is at the forefront of fostering collaborative projects and providing valuable resources to the cancer research community.

To stay informed and share data, the GF-data coordinating center (DCC) has recently launched a new website and various support channels to facilitate seamless collaboration and data sharing.

A Fresh Perspective: The New GF-DCC Information Website

The GF-DCC has introduced its new information website, located at This website serves as an essential hub for understanding the foundation's goals and accessing their data portal.

The Power of Collaboration: Ongoing Projects Across Multiple Institutions

The GF-DCC is all about fostering collaboration among various institutions and individuals who share a passion for BRCA related cancer research. Stay tuned for exciting updates and breakthroughs resulting from these collaborative endeavors.

Portal Design Working Group: Join the Monthly Discussions

If you're interested in shaping the design and usability of the data portal, the GF-DCC's Portal Design Working Group offers the perfect opportunity. Meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday of every month. To participate and get more details, reach out to Christina Conrad. Your insights and expertise can help make the data portal even more user-friendly and efficient.

New Documentation Website: Your Go-To Resource for Guidance

The GF-DCC has launched a dedicated documentation website to serve as your go-to resource for guidance on utilizing the foundation's tools and services. Whether you need help with data integration, analysis, or any other aspect of your research, this resource is designed to assist you.

A Direct Line of Support: Introducing the Service Desk

The GF-DCC has introduced a new service desk to streamline communication and support. If you have any inquiries, bug reports, or feedback regarding Synapse, documentation, data portal, or any other aspect of the GF-DCC ecosystem, you can reach out to the service desk at Your input is invaluable in enhancing the foundation's services and resources.